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And change the way you . . . Train, Move, Look, and Feel.

Loaded Movement Training is movement-based resistance training and is a fundamental element behind ViPR. It combines task-oriented full-body movement patterns with load—the kind of movement that we most commonly experience on a daily basis. 

Muscular strength is the maximal force a muscle can generate at a specific velocity. We commonly see this type of strength required in the gym, when lifting weight in one plane of motion and setting it back down. This movement is forced, controlled, fixed, and strained.

Movement Strength is the ability to generate purposeful, systemic force in a multi-directional environment. It involves variable loads, different foot and hand positions, and changing speeds. Most movements we experience in life and in sport require varied movement strength. As humans, parents, and athletes, we must move well in different environments with different loads at different speeds with our hands and feet doing different things. 

ViPR creates an environment of movement freedom and expression. It allows creativity and rhythm while building an architecture of body-wide strength, stability, and coordination through our fascia, muscles, and nervous tissues. 

Life requires movement variety in a three-dimensional environment. Train for it.

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Above are pieces of choreography, called "Flows" where individual moves blend together in a sequence allowing momentum to continue. Flows challenge neuromuscular coordination, rhythm, timing, and memory.  A flow can be simple or complicated while still retaining all of the benefits just mentioned.


This is me simply having fun. Being playful and creative with ViPR. Nothing is choreographed, just movement variety to promote tissue health.